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From 1977 until 1996, he was for 19 Years the Drummer of the SCORPIONS! The so called golden Years of the Band! Google informs us that the Band has sold over 100 Million Albums until today! Now, time has come to introduce the Songs new again, with the HURRICANE ORCHESTRA and new arrangements for band and orchestra! On most Songs rock-legend HERMAN RAREBELL is also author, songs like DON’T STOP AT THE TOP, PASSION RULES THE GAME, just to name a few...and of course the masterpiece ROCK YOU LIKE A HURRICANE.

Now, the fans in Germany, Poland and Czech Republic can listen to the drum-legend one more time and see him LIVE! More countries to come. Never ever were the Songs of the Scorpions presented in Europe in such a chic orchestral way!

Of course you gonna hear one or two Stories about life on the road and what happens backstage... or about the first visit to Russia and the visit to the Kremlin and speaking to President Michael Gorbatschow about the Wind of change before it happened...

The walls in some concert halls will shake when Herman’s Double Bassdrum Pedals will hit them, like the philharmonias in Poland or the prestigious Gewandhaus in Leipzig, Germany! On the Tour is also Saarbrücken, Saarland, the place were Herman was born on the 18. November 1949, so to speak a real Scorpion!

Together with Tourpromoter Toby Thalhammer from Piosenka Plus Sp. z o.o., Herman Rarebell is sure that we have here a new great music experience that goes beyond all borders!!!

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